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“Its my understanding that some people believe your interest rates are too high.. Not me! I don't begrudge any fee paid to a company willing to go that extra mile.I'd happily tell anyone that you and your company are worth every penny.”

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Benefits For Referring Law Firm...


  • Advanced Legal Settlements takes second charge AFTER the referring law firm.
  • Clients are able to allow their lawyer the necessary time to properly settle their case.
  • Since terms disallow other liens against settlement, Advanced Legal Settlements monitors outstanding loans and limits the amount owed by the Plaintiff. Therefore, client does not accumulate so much debt that he refuses to settle or end up with no proceeds. This protects everyone involved.
  • If the client decides to change law firms, it must be approved by Advanced Legal Settlements or the loan is due in full.



Assisting in your clients' financial survival to the proper conclusion of their lawsuit.

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