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"Thank you for the fastest processing of loan I had ever ever seen!  And such a delight to talk to you on the phone! "

Again, thank you very much.

Best Regards,

Nellie Guerrero

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“Advanced Legal Settlements provides a valuable service to accident victims who canít work and need to pay the bills. If financial obligations drive the settlement date, then a fair settlement may not be achieved. ALS can be that bridge providing peace of mind.Ē
-Klein Lyons


"Advanced Legal Settlements is a tremendous help to our clients who are in financial distress as a result of an injury claim. We highly recommend Advanced Legal Settlements to anyone needing financial assistance. They provide prompt and immediate service at competitive rates."
-John Michelson Law Corporation

"Advanced Legal Settlements is fast and easy to work with. There are no bulky, time-consuming applications and the charges & interest are very reasonable. I would highly recommend them for anyone looking for a settlement lender. ."
-Charles D. Jago

Associated Lawyer at Kaminsky and Company


Assisting in your clients' financial survival to the proper conclusion of their lawsuit.

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