Client Testominals...

"Thank you for the fastest processing of loan I had ever ever seen! And such a delight to talk to you on the phone! " Again, thank you very much.

Best Regards,

Nellie Guerrero

Client Testimonials...


"Thank you for the fastest processing of a loan I had ever ever seen!  And such a delight to talk to you on the phone! "

Again, thank you very much.
-Nellie Guerrero

"I am so grateful that Advanced Legal Settlements even exists. I was on the edge of losing my place of residence until I went to my lawyer to see about an advance in any way. He phoned Advanced Legal Settlements and they sent over enough money for me to be able to stay at my residence, pay off a few items, and buy some necessities; it took a load of stress off of me instantly, just like someone had thrown that life preserver to me. The transfer was very fast and efficient; I've had to wait in line at the bank longer than it took ALS to deposit my advance. "

"I hope I never get into an accident again where I had been choked out of any livable income, but if I ever do, I will definitely phone Advanced Legal Settlements. I will never forget them and if anyone I know in the future gets into the same position I was in, I will refer them to Advanced Legal Settlements without hesitation."

"I am serious and honest about my experience, what I have written is completely the truth, and I cannot express how much ALS helped me get through a very, very tough time of just under 3 years before finally settling with ICBC."

Thank you so much,


"Thank you so much Advanced Legal settlements for helping me out to get my Children of to school with the books and clothes they needed this year. After being off work due to my vehicle accident now for over four years and the depression of having to go through the hardship and loss one person must endure as a result of a horrific accident. I can't tell you how grateful I was to get a lift up with my good spirit after I was referred to you. I waited for four years to ask for help and you were there for us."

Again, thank you very much.


"Ok great thanks again. You have done so much for my family I can repay the money but I could never repay your kindness and generosity."


"ALS provided me with the financial support to get me through a very rough patch just before my litigation settled, when I had nowhere else to turn. Their quick assistance gave me the confidence to present myself in the best way possible at my mediation, which was crucial during this challenging time. I would recommend ALS to anybody who needs emergency financial help before settlement of their litigation. Thank you for your prompt and reliable service, as well as your kindness."
-Chella Turnbull


"I was injured in a car accident in 2011 and my life style has changed financially and mentally. The bills continued to pile up its nice to know advanced legal settlements were there to assist in my time of need. The loan I received has the most reasonable rates ever. I would like to thank advanced legal settlements for their fast and friendly services. I would strongly recommend Advanced Legal Settlements to anyone facing hardship from an accident. "
-Donald Victor Isaac

“It is my understanding that some people believe your interest rates are too high. Not me! I don't begrudge any fee paid to a company willing to go that extra mile. I'd happily tell anyone that you and your company are worth every penny.”

Best Regards,


Assisting in your clients' financial survival to the proper conclusion of their lawsuit.

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